How to make a workbench?

workbenchA workbench made of square timber and battens is perhaps not an example of top elegance, but it is cheap and as stable as a workshop made of ready-made elements. Całe szuflady wraz z obudową można czasem znaleźć wśród wyrzuconych

Order in the workshop

tidying workshopIf the search for the right tool takes more time than just using it, it is time to bring order. Here is a proven system of internal organization of the workshop.

The basis of this system is a set of racks with wall rails equipped with oblong holes. It is a practical equipment of ours …

Wooden panels in the bathroom, part 1

wooden panelFor the reconstruction of this bathroom, we used elements of the wall installation (metal supporting structure with gypsum boards and putty), a few square meters of tiles, sanitary ceramics and fittings. This can be added to the possible assembly by professionals. And that's all the expenses incurred …

Wall-mounted installation in the bathroom

wall installationIn bathrooms, sanitary ceramics are increasingly attached to the walls. We can choose the methods of such assembly: classic version with the use of sheet metal profiles and professional systems.

When you need to renovate the bathroom, There is never enough good ideas. Especially if she is small, ważne by racjonalnie wykorzystać

How to make a chest part 3

chest how to makeThe structure and dimensions of the elements are best reproduced from our drawing. Of course, you can change them if necessary, but then you have to redesign the whole trunk.

10. The back of the cover (fixed on pins) and the body should be put together for a test, by ewentualnie poprawić

How to make a chest part 2

how to make cratesIn places, which were not bolted, and only glued, the stiffness and durability of connections depends on the force with which the connected elements were pressed. In the case of a piece of furniture such as a trunk, it is not a simple procedure, due to the wedge shape …

How to make a chest part 1

make chestsBeautiful shapes alone would be reason enough, to get yourself such a trunk. In addition, it is extremely practical. It all does, that lovers of the country style find it difficult to resist the temptation to have such a piece of furniture.

Trunks not only replaced wardrobes in the past, but also …