Candlestick from a bottle

Candlestick from a bottle

Winter candlestick

Candlestick from a bottle – melted wax

Colorful candlesticks – bottles with candles inside

A headdress with a candlestick made of bottles

Hanging garden candle holder from a bottle

Various decorations from bottles

Oil lamp from a bottle

Style candlestick …

Garden inspirations

Garden inspirations

Concrete slabs on the path and concrete shelters for trees

Trellises and pergolas

A shaded corner to rest in the garden

A sheltered wooden deck to rest in the garden

A row of trees over a concrete path in the garden

A colorful lane of plates and …

Covering furniture with veneers

Covering furniture with veneers


Man is designed like this, that he must periodically change the styling of the rooms. If finances allow, this can be done by purchasing new furniture. But if the family budget does not allow such expenses, po …

Labels for jams

Labels for jams

Rectangular and round jam labels, jam

Label for strawberry jam

Stickers for jams, jam, jam

Labels for jam, marmalade

Jam jars and interesting labels

Jam labels with the date

Labels for jams and preserves i …

Seat restoration

Seat restoration

The armchair is an essential attribute of the interior, that can be found in almost every home. A person uses this furniture almost every day, which leads to a deterioration of her condition. An operation such as repairing an armchair will help restore the technical parameters of the project.

Features of restoration of furniture