DIY spice jars

DIY spice jars



Regular reader of "ró "Herbert Swyster built this" carousel "for spices from glued pine wood. The drawings show, how you can easily make such spinning shelves. The form of a wall board and round shelves is best prepared first on paper by making a template. Transfer the contours to wooden elements and cut them out with a hole saw. The same is true for making three equally sized spice plates. The visible edges of the "carousel" can be decorated in any way using a router. The posts connecting the elements of the "carousel" can also be rolled by yourself. Wooden pegs and glue ensure stability and solidity. Also the brackets, which hold the spice shelves at the top and bottom are connected to the posts by pegs. We paint the whole thing two, three times protective, colorless wood varnish.

The carousel is not too small, not too big, a carousel perfect for DIY and hobbyists, who use many herbs and spices in the kitchen. 24 jars with various contents are placed in the recesses (about 2 cm) shelves.

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  1. Dzień dobry, chciałam zapytać czy może są jeszcze jakiś cudem zachowane szablony z nazwami przypraw. W internecie jest pełno pomysłów ale nie tak ciekawych i kolorowych jak te wykonane na tej stronie. Jeśli tak bardzo bym prosiła o jakieś informacje.

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