Carbon prisms

img29The prisms should be of this width, that the extraction of coal from any chosen place could take place as quickly as possible, with the use of unloading devices available at the warehouse, loading and transport. The slopes of the pile should have a slope of 5-10 ° less than the angle of the natural fall, for a given coal assortment. There should be at least a gap between the individual piles 3 m wide spacing or in cases of storage of large quantities, fuels - fire walls. The gaps between the piles should be tamped so firmly, that their surface is suitable for the traffic of transport vehicles. The creation of ventilation channels or fireplaces in heaps is prohibited. If possible, storage of coal from different mines on one pile should be avoided, with different physico-chemical properties. Coal unsorted (N) should be poured onto the heap in layers, which thickness, in the event of laying in rain or snow, should not exceed 2 m. It was supposed to be sprinkled with layers of equal thickness, not higher 3 m, and during rainfall, when the dust is wet - 2 m. Applying the next layer is allowed no sooner than. po 6 weeks. The surface of the top layer should be compacted or rolled, tamp the slopes. Coke due to its low crushing resistance, it should be laid in layers not exceeding 3-4 m in height.