How to replace the kitchen worktop? – do it yourself

How to replace the kitchen worktop? – do it yourself.

Destroyed and not nice? The new kitchen worktop can be installed quickly. In this way, we will introduce a new one to the kitchen, colorful accent.

Kitchen worktops are often used just as intensively, …



The backrest was a very common piece of furniture in the teepee (called a chair by some). It could be used as a bed. Skins and blankets were placed on it, combined with which it created a solid insulation from the ground for the residents of the teepee.



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Attic furniture – Folding desk part 3

Attic furniture – Folding desk

How to make a folding attic desk:

1. The top of the desk is reinforced with battens at the edges. We glue them and additionally nail them, the heads of which we sink and fill the holes.

2. We strengthen the edges of the top from the bottom with wide strips …

How to make a country bed, part 4

How to make a country bed.

A stylized bed only looks authentic then, when it shows signs of wear. We can achieve this effect by creating artificial scratches and covering the surface of the wood with an artificial patina.

Artificial old age of folk ornaments.

To, what dust and dirt do for years, you can …

How to make a country bed, part 3

How to make a country bed.

The traditions of folk painting date back to the Middle Ages. Today he is painted with modern dispersion paints, but the painting's themes and technique remained essentially unchanged. Old, good folk art is valued also in our times.

After completing the carpentry work, all elements …