Do-it-yourself flypaper

Glue on flies – do it yourself.

When it gets warmer, flies appear along with the heat – buzzing and flying overhead in the middle of the night. We know this humming and irritating noise perfectly well, which no …

Wallpapering – many possibilities

Wallpapering – many possibilities. Wall coverings with style and style.

With the help of wallpaper, you can achieve almost any surface texture and any effect. Properly selected wallpaper perfectly emphasizes the style of the interior.

We present a small overview of wallpapers, selected from a huge number of designs …

Buildings of the passage between rooms, part 2

Building the passage between the rooms

1. Acrylic glass is processed similarly to wood. The holes are drilled in the normal way, while a saw blade with open teeth is used for cutting.
2. The edges of the satin boards glow when cut. Therefore, they should be slightly chamfered …

Buildings of the passage between rooms, part 1

Building the passage between the rooms

The redundant passage between the rooms has been arranged in an unusual way: a transparent wardrobe is made of acrylic glass and colored MDF shelves. It separates both rooms spatially, without obstructing the flow of light. Colorful shelves with a black border create a clear view …