Features of the door

Features of fire doors:

• grubość blachy: 1,5 mm (at the glazing)
• blacha ościeżnicy o grubości 2mm, filled with fireproof material
• przyspawane do ościeżnicy kotwy
• płyta drzwiowa oraz ościeżnica są ocynkowane i zagruntowane
• uszczelki z EPDM
• samozamykacz w górnej części drzwi
• szkło przeciwogniowe F 90
• minimalna grubość ściany murowanej co najmniej 24 cm, concrete wall 14 cm, aerated concrete 17,5 cm

What cylinder length is necessary? The cylinder length depends on the thickness of the door leaf, the thickness of the masking rosette or the longitudinal cover at the handle must be added to it. The measurement is always taken from the center of the cylinder screw, i.e. first, the distance to one side of the door is measured (external dimension) together with the cover, about then to the other side (internal dimension) along with the thickness of the longitudinal cover. Adding both dimensions gives you the cylinder length.

Self-assembly of the door usually does not exceed the capabilities of a home DIY enthusiast. So far, our own transport of the purchased doors has been a bigger problem. People with small passenger cars will not have to worry about transport: In order to meet the demand, folding door leaves are already produced. Frames and door leaf are packed separately, just like the door frames so far. The whole thing consists of three separate packages. The first one contains all the parts needed to assemble the door frame, the second carton holds metal parts, and so: hinges, castle, door handle etc.. The third package includes the inner plate with its frame – it will be submitted on the spot in the client's apartment.