Chlorinated lime

Chlorinated lime. Synonym: bleach chloride. Chemical symbol: CaCl2-Ca(OCl). Prepared by saturating slaked lime with chlorine. It is white, soft, hygroscopic powder, requiring storage in dry places in tightly closed vessels. It should contain 25 do 40% active chloride. Active chlorine is lost through longer storage, especially in warm environments and under the influence of light. The content of calcium chloride causes moisture. In the market, there are chlorinated lime containing 33 do 37% Cl2. In construction contractors, chlorinated lime is used mainly for disinfection purposes (cloaks on construction sites, workers' hotels, etc.. and drinking water). It can also be used with admixtures for plaster mortars. The Distributor is B / Z Inorganic Products. Package: wooden barrels 100, 150, 200, 250 i 300 kg. The storage of chlorinated lime requires special precautions. Barrels with the product must have tight closures. When moving the barrels, shocks and shifting should be avoided. Store in places protected against moisture, airy, sheltered, provided that the room temperature does not exceed 20 ° C. The warehouse keeper should be provided with a respirator (mask) and protective clothing and rubber gloves. Be careful, let the lime decompose, it did not ignite. Therefore, they should be stored away from any propellants, lubricants, oil paints, solvents, technical gases and other flammable chemicals. Calcium, which self-ignited, it should be quenched with earth and water.