Compost preparation

composterWeeding is part of the work carried out throughout the growing season, watering and compost preparation. The compost heap is placed in the garden, sheltered from wind and sun, hardly visible place, preferably under a hedge or in the shade of a tree. The width of the prism is 120…150 cm, length may vary, depending on the space you have and the amount of composting mass, and the height should not exceed 150 cm. Organic materials are stacked in layers; plant debris is covered with a layer of earth, and on top of it he lays finely cut branches. Every 20…30 cm layer is sprinkled with quicklime or other lime fertilizer (1 kg / 1 m3 of compost mass). The first layer is 10…15 cm layer of peat, which will not allow the leaching of nutrients.
Compost care includes regular watering and airing by piercing with a pointed stick. Po 4…6 months the compost heap begins to be processed. First, the outer parts go to the bottom of the pile, then internal, and then the whole mass is thoroughly mixed. It adds up simultaneously 1 kg of quicklime per 1 m3 of compost mass. After three months, the stock is reworked, and three more – the compost is ripe and ready for use. It only needs to be sifted through a sieve with no less eyes-
earlier than 4 cm. The screen residue is thrown onto the next compost heap. The compost is mixed fairly shallowly with the soil. Compost heaps can be covered with boards, eternitem, concrete, ensuring, however, sufficient air access.