Interior and exterior sliding doors

The use of sliding doors makes sense then, when the room is too tight to install a regular swing door. There are two variants of sliding doors: they can be hidden inside the wall (possible to implement during the construction of the house) or positioned outside the wall (easy installation in the finished building). Here is some helpful information:
• drzwi przesuwne jednoskrzydłowe można wybrać w takim wariancie, to move as desired: left or right. Cassettes for sliding doors are also selected in the same way, placed inside the wall.
• The minimum wall thickness that allows the installation of a cassette with sliding doors is 145 mm (for stylish doors 175 mm).
• Mniej kłopotów nastręcza montaż zewnętrznych drzwi przesuwnych. Attach them like this, not to be visible in the main room.
• W czasie wyboru drzwi sprawdza się, whether they run quietly and are stable.
• Drzwi przesuwne jednoskrzydłowe łączą się czołowo z ościeżnicą na styk, while in the case of double-leaf doors, the frontal surface may be profiled.

Additional side fittings provide effective protection for inward opening doors, without the need for any handling by residents. The patented mechanism makes, that the protection is always active. They can be installed on all types of doors. It is the perfect complement to a door lock and can withstand a load of more than one ton. Additional front door protection is recommended by insurance companies and the police in Western countries. Available in white and brown.

Breaking the door open without removing it. Comfort in detail: the door can be breached without removing it. For this purpose, special hinges are designed. Unlike conventional adjustable hinges, only after removing the door, everything stays in place here. The precise correction of the sash position is made with the use of an Allen key. The low height of the hinges allows them to be used in steel frames and wall openings with little play.