Interior doors and fittings

Interior doors and fittings. Interior doors are an important element of the apartment's equipment. Therefore, it is worth considering the right choice of door type and color, so that they form a harmonious whole. Before we choose the door, we need to consider, which side the door rebate should be on.
If we have doubts, then we should think through the whole house and test the most convenient way to open each door. There is a general rule, that the door opens to the room, that is, as we enter. In situation, when the room is too tight (np. bathroom, WC), the door can swing outwards. Term: right or left door always refers to the side, after which the hinges are visible. So I call it "righteous."’ the door leaf is defined, whose hinges are on the right.

Door hinges, which start to squeak over time, they resist opening, they wear off or require frequent lubrication and thus leave dirty edges at the point of contact, are slowly going away. They are replaced by hinges, equipped with a spindle made of a special material, maintenance-free. The new hinges are available in various versions. The manufacturer's program includes, for example, hinges for fixing a door frame exposed to increased load, hinges used in the repair of old doors, standard hinges and a complete set.