Special effect: highlighted furniture

A piece of furniture as a light source? 0 this, that ordinary furniture can also fulfill another function is demonstrated by the example of a bathroom cabinet. A shining yellow piece of furniture adds shine - literally and figuratively – every room.

Perfect interaction of the glass, light and color – these are the main attributes of the new series of bathroom furniture, which bring with them an atmosphere full of warmth and colors. The starting point is squares with sides 35 centimeters, which are integrated into the cabinet. The light source hidden in the furniture makes, that the square tiles act as a lighting fixture. In the cabinets, you can display decorative bottles and various cosmetics useful in the bathroom. There are also variants of cabinets with transparent glass, covered with colorful prints. Thanks to the selection of colors, they can be perfectly synchronized with the decor. White colors, blue or orange create a cool or warm atmosphere in the bathroom, respectively. To fully expose the subdued light effect of the bathroom cabinet, especially in the place where the light source is located, do not fill it with too many items. The illuminated cabinet is also not a suitable place for e.g.. towels or bathrobes.