Heather garden

Heather gardenA heather garden is a recommendable solution for recreational forest plots or in a poor backyard garden, sour, sandy soil, where other ornamental plants will not grow well. The garden should resemble a natural moor with vast areas of lilac heather, varied with broom bushes, low pines and birches. They are adjacent to garden perennials with similar requirements: thyme, entrenchment, dotted carnation, mullein, sedum and swarm, and low fescue and tall miscanthus (grass). Suitable shrubs for this type of garden are: cis, juniper, rose wrinkled and wild, cinquefoil, lavender, as well as blueberry and lingonberry. All these plants like permeable soils, on heavy soils it is therefore necessary to drain gravel and sand. If no heather soil or forest mulch is available, pure peat is used to enrich the soil. Neither fertilizers are used here, nor lime. Irrigation, especially calcium-rich tap water, may cause damage. The compact and cushion-like nature of plant growth is achieved by pruning them in mid-March or after flowering (end of September). Shoots are shortened with secateurs or large scissors by 1/3….1/2 their length.