Platforms in the apartment

pedestalWho dreams of an apartment furnished as cheaply as possible, and at the same time uniquely, should use his skills, backed up, of course, with good ideas. Work, sleep, live – all in one room. An interesting interior design can give a student room a completely new character. The platforms fit every room.
In every apartment, even in the smallest studio apartment, you can place compartments for unnecessary everyday items – provided, that the space available in it will be used optimally. In our proposal, two wooden platforms of different heights create a successful combination of work and living space.
You can hide the bed under the higher landing – just cover them with a flap, creating a place to sit instead. There is a place for a desk on the lower level. Even long items can fit under the cover plate , for example skis.
The lower level of the living room – The storage space under the platform cover is admittedly only 20 cm in height, but even very long items can be hidden there.