How much is a personal account?

Idealne konto osobiste it appears to us as free. However, using this service, it is often necessary to bear some costs of running it. What fees should you be prepared for, by setting up a bank account?

Account maintenance fee

Banks offer us both free of charge, and paid accounts. In the first case, however, we cannot count on miracles – the cost is certainly hidden in other charges, np. those for the debit card. If, on the other hand, we decide to pay explicit fees for keeping the account, zwykle they do not exceed 10 zlotys miesięcznie. Sometimes it is 5, 7, 8, and sometimes even 30 zlotys. However, it is worth paying attention to the details of the bank's offer. W wielu z nich możemy liczyć na spełnienie conditions exempting from costs – incurred in a given month.

Najczęściej bank proponuje nam osiągnięcie określonego progu wpływów na konto osobiste. The lowest thresholds are 1000-1500 zlotys. The second possibility, which banks reach for, are card payments. The exemption from fees takes place after the execution of a given number of transactions or after reaching the threshold of several hundred zlotys issued with a payment card.

Opłaty za kartę płatniczą

This is where the costs often lie – bezpłatne konto osobiste may have a card attached, za którą musimy płacić. The fees range from a few to a dozen or so zlotys. Similar to the case above, here, too, often release conditions are defined. Usually you must make a card payment for a certain amount. Sometimes, however, also here the necessity of a minimum monthly payment of funds is smuggled.

ATM Withdrawal Fees

Trzecią podstawową formą opłacania obsługi konta osobistego są koszty jednorazowej wypłaty z bankomatu. The prices mainly differ from this, z jakiego bankomatu chcemy skorzystać. Some offers include free withdrawals on all devices w kraju, regardless of the bank. Usually, however, obtaining funds from an ATM other than one belonging to our facility, będzie wiązać się z kosztami wynoszącymi a few zlotys. If we like to shop with cash, it is worth reaching for the offer, which provides free ATMs in many places.

How much is a personal account?

How we see, opłaty za konto osobiste nie są wysokie. In practice, there is no such thing as a free account, though in many cases we can get it, meeting certain conditions.