Plastic installations

Plastic installations.

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts: plastic plumbing does not require soldering, welding or threading.

How often during the adaptation of the attic, We are faced with the problem of reconstruction of plumbing systems when modernizing a bathroom or building a sauna. Modern plastic installations can now be used in such situations.

Experts call plastic pipes the fourth generation of plumbing, because pipes of braided polyethylene (PU) withstand pressure and heat well, do not corrode, no limescale is deposited in them, even in very hard water. After the reign of lead, steel and copper seem, that material was found, which does not harm your health in the slightest. Manufacturer (Rehan, Eriangen) he limited himself in introducing this system to the most important elements, które wystarczają jednak do rozwiązania wszystkich problemów przy wykonywaniu instalacji podczas budowy domu lub odnawianiu. The pipes are manufactured in two dimensions: in diameter 16 mm for some installation points and 20 mm for most pipes. These pipes are placed in a protective armor – so they can be replaced without problems in the event of accidental damage to the pipe. Connection sockets can be in two different versions: with an end piece for connecting to the next water intake point or straight end. Adapters for connection to an old installation with a 1/2 inch male thread or 3/4 inch can also be combined with modern concealed fittings. The price of such an installation is comparable to the price of a copper pipe installation, sometimes it is even slightly cheaper.

The plastic pipe can be cut off precisely and lightly with these special scissors. Pipes are offered in sections or coils 25 the 50 meters.

This is the connector that allows you to connect plastic pipes with traditional installations. The union nut presses the brass taper ring against the plastic pipe.

Polyethylene pipe runs inside the flexible armor, which protects and isolates her. To cut the cover, we put a special sleeve on the inner pipe.

Double connection socket with thread 1/2 cala. The battery is screwed to the metal bracket. One pipe carries water, the second leads to the next installation point.

A small number of elements, two pipe sections and two specialized tools are enough to install the Rehan system. All this can already be purchased in stores and warehouses. Thanks to them, all typical installation works can be performed without major problems.

The metal bracket is used to fix the two sockets (for shower or bathtub). White, Plastic sleeves are put on during plastering.Correct assembly method:
We can place a combination of two pipes in a groove in the wall, the same as in the empty space of partitions. Screw the bracket on or attach it with pins, that the slots are positioned correctly.
This is how we seal the joints: threaded sleeve 1/2 we can hold the socket while putting the plastic pipe on the socket pin.

An adjustable wrench provided by every DIY enthusiast is enough, to seal the joint. A piece of pipe screwed into the socket allows it to be held while tightening the union nut with a wrench. Metal clamps keep plastic pipes in position, when they are not hidden under plaster. Rehan, the producer of this installation system (Rauhfitt more) includes detailed instructions, from which you can get information about the right one, the location of the connection sockets and the appropriate pipe cross-section.