How to renew the table

How to renew the table

If you are the owner of the old table, which needs to be refurbished, or if you bought a table, which looks very boring and you want something to decorate your table, then the tips below are for you!

In fact, it is quite easy to change the look of such a piece of furniture, what is the table. And there are many ways, how exactly can this be done.

Sticky foil

Let's start with the easiest way – it is the use of self-adhesive foil. You've probably come across foil in stores. Usually it is sold in rolls, like wallpaper.

In addition, it has a smooth surface, which is easy to clean and impossible to damage or deform in any way.

First, take home measurements – how much foil will you need to buy. Get some spare, there will be no ugly connections on the table.

The process of sticking the self-adhesive foil is very simple – there is no need to prepare the furniture in advance. It is enough to separate the foil from the paper and put it on the table, by gently pressing it against the surface.

The table does not even need to dry. It is immediately ready for use in its new look.

Paints and stencils

If you're ready for a little more work than gluing adhesive film to the coffee table, you can armed with paints and a brush, play decorator.

Most importantly, make up a story for your table. Consider, what would you like to present on it? It can be anything you want. If you have the talent of an artist, you can start drawing right away, with or without a sketch.

But if you don't know the arts, do not despair! To help you, Please, use templates. You can buy the template at a stationery store or make it yourself.

For this, it is enough to cut a photo from some magazine and use it as a kind of template, according to which the image will be transferred to your furniture.

Or you can use a pencil and draw some picture on a piece of paper that you like, cut them out and put them on the table and paint the space between the cut stencil with paint. After removing the template, you will see the pattern on the table.

if you think, that this method is difficult to implement, you can ask for help from a professional artist, for which the performance of this type of work is not difficult.

However, you will have to pay for the artist's services, and this method cannot be called low budget.

As for the paint, which should be used, must be waterproof. Acrylic paint is considered the best option. It is odorless and dries very quickly.

also, acrylic will not fade in the sun, resistant to water and high humidity.

It's safe to say, that table, covered with acrylic paint, it will serve you for a hundred years, and it will not be an exaggeration.


There is one more way to decorate the table, which is very similar to using templates. This method is simply called decoupage. What is this?

You can take any fragments of photos from magazines, napkins, different albums. It can even be photos from your personal archive or any photos from the Internet.

In general, everything. You cut out the elements, that interest you and put them on the table top. First see, will it look beautiful. If you like the variant and you are ready, to decorate these table fragments, then you can start working.

The furniture in question should be carefully sanded, remove paint or get rid of varnish coat. The table surface must be clean, dry and perfectly flat. In general, it must regain its original appearance.

Then you take the elements or photos prepared in advance, you cover the back side with PVA glue and stick to the top.

Such manipulations should be made with each photo. Then you need to cover all the applied photos with varnish.

The varnish will protect your table against undesirable damage, scratches and other deformations. Your photos (decoupage) will be reliably protected. In this way, table decoration will not only renew it, but will also please your eyesight!

There are many options for table decoration. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment! And you will for sure.