How to make a grill from a washing machine drum

How to make a grill from a washing machine drum.

grill from the washing machine drum

Many of you have a summer cottage or just a private home. Or maybe you would like to make a grill yourself.
In this article, Ivan, I will show you how he made a great grill from an old drum from a washing machine. A drum from a washing machine has this advantage, that it is stainless and if we make such a grill ourselves, then we will have it for many years.

This version of the grill has one important feature, Ivan came up with a convenient system for adjusting the height of the grill.

Materials. – Stainless steel sheet – Washing machine drum – Steel pipe – Spray paint.

Tools used by the author.
– Grinder , grinding wheels – flap and cutting
– Screwdriver
– Step drills
– Plasma cutter
– Welding semiautomatic
– Hammer, core, round file, vice
– Miter saw
– Clamps
– Marker.

First of all, the author begins to make a grill grate out of thick stainless steel. If we want to make our work easier, we can use a ready-made grate made of bars.

The process of making a grill from the washing machine drum:

We mark the contours taking into account the size of the hole in the drum.
Now, with the help of a plasma cutter, he cuts the workpiece along the contour.
Edges of the future lattice (grate) are cleaned with a flap disc grinder.
Then, on the edge of the workpiece, marks the hole for the pipe and drills a hole for it with a step drill.

The edges of the hole are filed.
Then he marks the necessary cutouts for the grid and drills holes at their edges, moving from a thin drill to a thick one.

Then the slots are made with a grinder.
Excess pieces of metal are removed, and the edges of the holes are sawn. The surface is cleaned with a flap disc.
Then he cuts three pieces of pipe.
In addition to the lattice, the author decided to make two small tables.
The pipes are welded to the mesh and supports.

The grill legs will be made of pipes with a slightly larger diameter. Their edges should be cut at an angle 45 degrees.
The pipes are then welded as follows.
Another cut is also made, and the third leg is welded.
In the upper part of the legs, the author drills holes for pressure screws.

The nuts are welded to the pipe, and the seams are cleaned with a wire brush.
Ivan degreased the surface of the pipes with gasoline and painted them with spray paint.
On the back of the washing machine drum, the author removes the cross, by drilling through rivets. Then it cleans all surfaces of the tank.

He drilled holes for the legs in three places.
The legs are installed in their places and you are ready to install the grill.
And so the height of both grids will be adjustable, and coasters. You can set this with a clamping screw.
Everything is ready, you can load coal, light the grill and enjoy grilling.

Be sure to burn the grill thoroughly after use, thus removing food residues from the grill. The legs can be removed for compact storage of the grill.

Thank you to the author for being a bit laborious, but very interesting grill design from the washing machine drum!