How to make hand sanitiser? – recipe of the World Health Organization

How to make hand sanitiser? – recipe according to. WHO World Health Organization

If you do not have the necessary ingredients at home to make a disinfectant, you can order them online, or buy it in pharmacies or stores with ingredients for cosmetics.

The percentage of alcohol is of great importance. Follow the recipe, that the disinfectant has a disinfecting and antibacterial effect.

Ingredients that we will need to receive 1 liter of disinfectant:

  • 833 ml 96% alcohol (alcohol),
  • 110 ml of distilled or boiled water (cooled down),
  • 42 ml 3% hydrogen peroxide (fights bacterial spores),
  • 15 ml 98% glycerol (glycerin),
  • a closed container with a capacity of slightly above 1 liters.

You can make a smaller amount of disinfectant, but be sure to count the ingredients carefully and keep the proportions.

Glycerin is a protective ingredient, at such a high concentration, alcohol can dry out and damage the skin on your hands, bacteria could penetrate through this damage. Glycerin prevents this from happening.

How to make hand sanitiser?

For pure liter – closed container (glass or plastic) pour alcohol – alcohol, add hydrogen peroxide, then glycerin and top up with water. Close the container, to prevent evaporation and gently mix the ingredients. It's best if you don't need to use a disinfectant right away – set aside for at least 72 hours (in order to destroy the bacteria, which could have got into the preparation in non-sterile home conditions). The liquid can be poured into a container with a dispenser and used after washing your hands with soap.