How to make a chest part 2

how to make cratesIn places, which were not bolted, and only glued, the stiffness and durability of connections depends on the force with which the connected elements were pressed. In the case of a piece of furniture such as a trunk, it is not a simple procedure, due to the wedge shape of the sides converging at the bottom and the rounded cover.

However, there are tricks to fix this problem. Screw clamps of various lengths and the appropriate blocks will do the job.

In the past, pine furniture was traditionally covered with paint, and then colored patterns were painted on a uniform surface. Currently, natural wooden surfaces are more popular. However, they must be properly protected, so that the wood does not get dirty too quickly. A colorless furniture glaze or wax is well suited for this purpose, which is absorbed by the pores of the wood, and after polishing, it creates a silky shiny coating.

Old fittings can sometimes be found at the flea market. You can also buy new ones, but worth, to keep them in the old style.

1. Przycinanie na ukos płaszczyzn stykowych elementów bocznych najlepiej wykonać z użyciem listwy pomocniczej służącej za prowadnicę. A saw blade with large teeth is embedded in the saw.

2. Wzorzec z wziernikiem, made independently from wooden waste, allows for precise drilling of dowel holes in the edges of the side elements. The depth of the blind holes: 2,5 cm.

3. The drilling positions are marked on the front and rear parts with a pin marker, widened with a piece of tube to the diameter 12 mm. Place the auxiliary plate with the guide underneath.

4. Odcięte w kształcie klinów kawałki elementów bocznych, after sticking to the plates, prevent the clamps from slipping.

5. Górną krawędź pokrywy można, according to our drawing, cut with a jigsaw. The cuts should follow the arrangement of the grain.

6. Precyzyjnym cięciem oddzielamy element ruchomy od nieruchomego. Both parts are connected with pins and glue with the front and back elements.

7. Pojedyncze deski na pokrywę kufra tnie się na odpowiednią szerokość stołową piłą tarczową wyposażoną w prowadnicę wzdłużną. The saw blade should be slightly inclined, and then smooth the edges of the boards.

8. Środkową deskę pokrywową można łatwo przykleić do spłaszczonego elementu bocznego pokrywy. After the glue is bonded, the board will facilitate gluing the remaining parts of the sheathing.

9. Ostatnie klejone deski można docisnąć z odpowiednią siłą jedynie przy pomocy dodatkowych klocków.