How to make a country bed, part 3

How to make a country bed.

The traditions of folk painting date back to the Middle Ages. Today he is painted with modern dispersion paints, but the painting's themes and technique remained essentially unchanged. Old, good folk art is valued also in our times.

After the carpentry works are completed, all elements are covered with a primer, and then we paint. Ready is best suited for this purpose, matowa farba dyspersyjna (np. Marabou), which can be purchased in small packages. This paint dissolves in water, but after drying it becomes completely waterproof and "does not stain". It is a paint with good coverage and is easy to mix, so it should not be a problem even for beginners. When styling in a folk style, you should always paint with thick paint, which leaves a clear brush mark and does not cause stains. A special effect is achieved by painting with the "wet on wet" technique. It involves applying different colors at once, without waiting for the previous layer to dry. To avoid mixing paints in the containers, you need to pour the necessary amounts into a plate or bowl beforehand. But even here the individual colors are not mixed, but thickly overlaps one another.

After applying a layer of primer paint to wood, paint the surface with white dispersion paint. The brush movements must be even., because the consistency of the paint causes, that there are traces on the painted surface. We paint in the direction of the wood grain or parallel to the edge.

Second, a thinner layer of slightly blue paint (it should be slightly diluted), used to emphasize the traces of the previous painting, we put on wide, with a dry brush. Before the paint dries, wipe all edges with a damp cloth, so as to reveal the underside of the white paint.

We draw the shapes of flower ornaments through a tracing paper from ours, or another project, prepared on transparent tracing paper. The tracing paper should be placed in the opposite direction on the symmetrical element of the bed.

Support (a rod ending with a wrapped wooden ball) helps to hold the hand steadily and avoid touching the traced patterns. First, we paint the green elements, giving them an additional shade of white and brown, then we dye the goblets of flowers with any colors.

After painting, wait for the paint to dry completely. Flat surfaces can be rubbed with a piece of fleece, it will add an old age effect to our work. The resulting scratches can then be filled with an artificial patina.


There, who would like to have some other decorative motifs on their bed, they should look for suitable designs at home improvement stores. You can also create combinations of different preset patterns.