How to make a country bed, part 4

How to make a country bed.

A stylized bed only looks authentic then, when it shows signs of wear. We can achieve this effect by creating artificial scratches and covering the surface of the wood with an artificial patina.

Artificial old age of folk ornaments.

To, what dust and dirt do for years, can be obtained thanks to patination in a few minutes. Patina is a kind of translucent paint. It is spread with a cloth in the direction of the brush marks. After approx 15 minutes, when the patina is dry, partially wipe it with a dry cloth. We leave it especially in the corners and along the plywood ornaments, so as to create the illusion of prolonged exposure to time and dust. Finally, we cover the whole with wax and polish it to a shine.

A template can be made from frequently recurring motifs. We draw the contour on the drawing cardboard and cut it out.

We dip a thick round brush in the paint only a few millimeters, then drag it several times over the carton and exactly, We paint the cutouts with light vertical movements.

We paint the interior with white paint, some "illuminated" contours of ornaments, while black has their opposite "shadowed" sides. This treatment will create an impression of three dimensions.