Raffia doll

Raffia doll.

You can also make many interesting toys from raffia. I suggest you make a doll, which placed on a stick can be a puppet (look photo).

Drawing. Raffia toys: a, b) head modeling, c) ready doll.

Fold the long strands of raffia in half, forming a rather thick bunch. Tie the raffia together with a strong thread at the fold (drawing a). Make a ball of cotton wool or lignin, put it between the strands of raffia and spread the strands evenly, modeling the head. Wrap a strand of raffia around the neck to a length of approx. 3 cm (drawing b). Separate the raffia bunches from the left and right sides of the neck, that you put on your hands. Insert a thin wire between the raffia, which together with it weave into a braid (drawing c). This wire will allow you to arrange your hands in any way. Tie the ends of your hands with a strong thread, trim the raffia to the same length. Then, at the waist, tie the raffia with a strong thread. If you do the boy, then from the waist divide the raffia into two parts, which will be legs. You can them, just like hands, braid and tie with a strong thread at the height of the foot. If you plan to perform a girl, leave the raffia loose from the waist down, not intertwined. You can decorate the puppets, making clothes and headgear out of colorful cloths – I leave this field to you.