Do-it-yourself flypaper

Glue on flies – do it yourself.

When it gets warmer, flies appear along with the heat – buzzing and flying overhead in the middle of the night. We know this humming and irritating noise perfectly well, which keeps us from sleeping. Kitchen flies can transmit bacteria that are harmful to health by sitting on food. Some flies can carry bacteria, which lead to tuberculosis, typhoid, typhus, dysentery, Heine-Medin disease, as well as for parasitic and fungal diseases.

We have a homemade way to quickly prepare a fly trap. You can make homemade flypaper yourself!

House-made flypaper.

We will need flypaper to prepare:

Brown paper
200 milliliters of water
150 gram of sugar
100 milliliters of honey
Baking tray – barbecue

How to prepare a fly trap?

Cut wide strips from the paper. Make a hole at one end of the paper strip for the string.
Mix water, honey and sugar in a pot. Cook for a while, until the syrup is uniform. Let the syrup cool down.
When the syrup is cold, then wet the paper on both sides. Then put the paper on a baking tray, so that the paper drips off the excess syrup. Once the paper dries slightly, the flypaper is ready!