Loosening the soil

aeratorAfter setting up a vegetable garden, it is not enough to passively wait for the moment of harvesting. The condition for obtaining high yields is regular cultivation work.

One of the most important treatments is loosening the soil and preventing its crusting. This is especially important for germinating seeds. In this case, the aerator is the best tool, made of star-shaped wheels rotating on an axis. It crumbles the crust without going too deep and without damaging the seeds. During plant growth, it is advantageous to loosen the soil with a rake or a hoe. This allows greater air access to the roots, it destroys tiny weeds and disrupts the vessel system, which the water evaporates.

After emergence it is necessary to check, whether the plants are too dense. You have to imagine, what sizes will it reach, e.g.. onion at the moment of harvest maturity and if there are 40 per running meter…50 the plant density is sufficient. If more than 60 is counted on one meter…70 plants, they need to be thinned. A break is necessary for red beet, the seeds of which are in the form of clumps composed of several seeds. Therefore, after emergence, the seedlings grow in clumps. You have to remember, that the beets in the fall will be even larger in diameter 10 cm and cannot grow denser than every 5…10 cm, assuming, that during the summer, some of them will be removed earlier for current needs.