Coal storage

img28Storage. Coal landfills, located within each unit, should be numbered and protected against unauthorized access. On the outside of the landfill, in a visible place its No., coal assortment designation and all, details, given in the Polish Standard. When storing coal in heaps, one should be next to each pile, at a distance not exceeding 5 m, place an order plate. The symbol of the coal assortment and the number of the prism should be visible on the board. Strongly ventilated coal or easily self-igniting coal should not be stored for a longer period. If it is necessary to store it, please contact the supplier, as to the conditions, which must be preserved for him. Different grades of coal should not be mixed in one pile. The exceptions are basic sizes with grain sizes above 50 mm, which can be poured together. Under no circumstances should you mix assortments of coarser coal with fine coal, and nuts or walnut with fine coal. In some cases, depending on the destination, you can mix similar assortments, like for example. walnut I and II, peas I and II or billets with cubes. When pouring coal on heaps, all wood scraps should be removed, carbide, paper, tow, etc.. pollution, that could cause a fire. Pouring coal onto heaps should be done from a low height or using a makeshift chute in order to reduce grain crushing (lumps). It is recommended to cover the pile with regular ones, larger pieces of coal or non-combustible material. The positioning of the heaps should be done in the most wind-proof manner in this way, that the shorter side of the heap is exposed to the wind, or that the pile has artificial or natural wind shields (elevation of the terrain, concrete fence, buildings etc.).