Place for the compost heap

Place for the compost heap. Plant residues are best collected and stored in a compost heap, set up in a slightly shaded place in the corner of the garden. In a larger garden, the compost heap can be placed centrally, which will shorten the way of transporting waste from the garden to the heap, and then from the pile to the flower beds. Hardening the paths will make transport easier for us. We can say without exaggeration, that the compost heap is the most important place in the garden, because it is here that the material that improves the fertility of the soil is created. Need to add, that it only takes 1 % the total area of ​​the garden. To turn into valuable fertilizer all organic waste from a plot of land 1000 m2, 5–8 m2 is enough for a compost heap.

Wooden vats, barrels and other tanks. They are needed for the preparation of various herbal solutions and plant slurries. These tanks can be placed next to the compost heap, similarly to the storage vessels for specially prepared fertilizer made of manure and chicken manure. The space for placing these containers should be large enough, for convenient access.