Kitchen modernization

open kitchenThe old terraced building from the middle of the last century is not very large. Everything here is too tight and uncomfortable compared to today's standards. The kitchen was given a particularly skimpy space, the tiny room does not allow any extravagance. How different approach characterizes contemporary architects, who appreciate the importance of the kitchen in the life of the whole family gathering here for common meals.

But let's go back to our little cooking corner. Hosts, inspired by modern ones, open spatial solutions, they had already removed the narrow door and widened the opening to the dining room considerably, tearing down part of the wall separating the two rooms. The optimal solution would be to demolish the entire wall, however, due to the small living space, it was necessary to keep at least a fragment of the partition, to be able to arrange kitchen cabinets.

It was also decided to use the existing part of the partition wall to create a sophisticated connection between the kitchen area and the dining room. A partition was used to move some kitchen cabinets to the dining area. They were color-matched to the furniture in the dining room.

In detail, it looks like this: in the corner by the partition wall there is a corner kitchen stove. A narrow table top leads from it, which hugs the wall at right angles and continues into the dining room. Here it acts as a board covering a low furniture sideboard.

Fittings with a filter

With the growing role of the kitchen room – old patterns are picking up, when the kitchen was a meeting place for household members, and even receiving guests – they take on additional significance as well, more sophisticated functions, np. serving sparkling water. Household members and guests gathered around the kitchen table will be happy to take advantage of the possibility of pouring themselves fresh, carbonated water directly from the tap. If the carbon dioxide cartridge, installed under the sink has a sufficient capacity, then it is possible to take water saturated with CO2 for many hours. Then there is no need to stockpile bottles with mineral water in the kitchen or run to the basement for them. The idea of ​​enriching domestic tap water with carbon dioxide is not new at all. Solutions of this type are already used in modern catering establishments. However, it seems, that in a household, such devices are not considered essentials.

Who has doubts about the quality of tap water, can purchase fittings with an installed filter. It is especially useful then, when good quality water is needed, np. for cooking baby food. It is not just about the quality of the water supplied by waterworks, but also about possible contamination of transmission pipes. Filter device, containing activated carbon will cleanse the water of heavy metals, chlorine, microorganisms and colloidal suspension.