Fur mouse

Fur mouse.

To make a mouse (look photo) you will need faux fur from an old collar or old fur.

From thicker Bristol board or cardboard, make a form as shown in picture a. Trace this form twice on the left side of the fur, then cut. Cut the fur material with sharp scissors or a razor blade, so as not to cut the hair. Fold the two parts of the mouse with the hair inwards, then fasten with pins along the edges like this, so that the hair is inside. Sew both parts of the spine and half the base (mouse tummy) hem stitch densely and tightly, preferably with a cordon of the same color as the fur (drawing b). Turn the stitched fur right side out. Stuff the mouse thoroughly with small scraps of fur or cotton wool, starting from the head. Cut out a tail from a piece of artificial leather. the rest, unstitched belly, sew along with the tail. From felt, of the same or similar color as the fur, cut mouse ears the size of 5 PLN; bend them in half (drawing c) and sew several times with a strong thread in the place marked with a cross (on drawing d) to the mouse head (drawing e). From the peel, Use a hole punch to cut out eyes and a nose from imitation leather or felt and glue them in the right place (match light eyes and nose to dark fur and vice versa).
Drawing. Fur mouse: a) mouse form, b) hem stitch, c, d) ravioli, e) finished toy.