Door frames and fittings

If someone wants to make a cut in the old door leaf and install a glass with a muntin framing, can glue profiled slats when hot. It is easier to make two muntin frames and place one glass plate inside than to make a real grid and fill it with painstakingly cut pieces of glass.

Nails and screws are indeed practical, but they are unlikely to be suitable for fixing glass strips. An alternative may be the snap connection method. Systems connecting the glass strips in this way also have this advantage, that the slats can be easily removed, np. when replacing the entire glass.

Just as the doors are varied, the same applies to door products, which include locks, door handles, rosettes, signs and hinges. Not only the rich style and type of material affect the choice of a specific pattern. Some door handles have to meet certain requirements, np. a door leaf made of glass must have a different type of hardware. In the optical beast, it is possible to choose the right color, shape and of course the material.