Painting the corners

paintingThe so-called. The fastest way to cut off the colors in the concave corners is to use a special angular roller for the corners. With an ordinary flat brush it is much slower. This type of roller is rarely available in stores. You can make it yourself by cutting the fur in a regular one, but a narrow paint roller.

Economical and durable filling

When filling the gap with putty, it is worth pressing a string of the appropriate diameter first. It will not only reduce the consumption of putty, but it will give a more durable filling. Push the string to such a depth, so that the subsequent layer of putty is not thicker than 5 mm. With such putty, the weld will be more durable and less prone to cracking and chipping.

Stool reinforcement

It is not enough to glue legs with crossbars in old furniture being repaired. Such a connection will be destroyed quickly. They will be strengthened by screwing on the inner side of a flat bar made of a sheet thick, bent to the corner 3-4 mm and width 2-3 cm. The handle is screwed with short screws to both adjacent crossbars. Each arm of the holder is screwed on 2-3 with screws.

A certain bond

In all kinds of upholstery works, as well as e.g.. When lifting objects with winches or cranes, it is important to tie them with a string, where the binding will not move sideways, and at the same time it will tighten very tightly on the object. A way of twisting a string or a string twice, creating the most appropriate loop.

Unscrewing with a spanner that is too large

If the spanner used is too large for the nut size, we can also use a screwdriver. Insert its blade between the key and the side of the hexagonal nut. We choose the width of the screwdriver, that it is not less than the side length of the nut. With such unscrewing, there should be no play between the screwdriver and the key.

Removing cobblestones from cobblestones

expensive garageCracked or chipped paving stones or clinker bricks are easiest to remove from between the adjacent, using two masonry trowels. With their tips we hug the ankle and carefully slide it upwards, all the time pressing the trowel against the ankle.. The thin trowel made of resilient steel is easy to insert into the gaps between the cobblestones.

Brush painting on the edge

When painting frames, e.g.. windows and doors, it is worth cutting the bristles of the brush, forming a slant. This will prevent the paint from contaminating the adjacent surfaces - glass or previously painted.. When painting, set the brush like this, to bring the longer bristles closer to the surface, which we do not want to dirty.

Fastening the electric wire

When fixing the electric wire in the clamps, remember, that the wires forming the vein must be wound on the screw pin in the direction in which it is screwed. When tightening the screw, the wires will be wound on its spindle. They will slip out from under the head when reversed, tilting to the sides and tangling.