Sandbox with a roof and benches

Sandbox with a roof and benches

A sandbox is usually associated with a small area enclosed in a home garden or a playground, where there is sand and kids can dig freely in it. Of course, these are simple log sandboxes, wooden boards or just plastic, where the baby comes in and can stick grandmothers, locks etc.. However, you need to think about retrofitting the sandbox, especially, when you cannot put it in a shaded place or if you do not want our children to sit directly on the sand inside. It gets uncomfortable with more toddlers, tight and nowhere to put sand cakes. Nothing easier, be sure to make benches in the sandbox for your child. It is a very good idea, all the more so, that it is easy to make and you can buy ready-made models with seats.

For self-prepared square sandboxes, on the corners, benches made of planed and painted with colored wood paint are mounted, planks. It is similar in ready-made log sandboxes. But corner benches are not the only way to have a comfortable sandbox. When looking for the right one, you can come across a large number of more advanced proposals. Benches with wooden backs on both sides of the sandbox, polygonal sandboxes with benches along the entire length of the sides and an additional place for planters, with canopies covering the entire surface of the sandbox and with covers and wooden covers to protect the sand from animals. Especially those colorful sandboxes made of not very thick boards, not only attract the attention of children, but also adults.

Open benches with compartments for toys are a very interesting proposition, which after the fun is over, can be stowed this way and removed just as quickly, when the little ones want to play in the sand again. As for the canopy itself, it can be designed in various ways. Most often it is supported on two wooden supports, attached to the sandbox and is adjustable. It can be material or plastic, resembling smooth, thick foil.

Adjustment is very necessary to provide shade over the sandbox depending on the angle of the sun's rays on the children's play area. In addition, we have lowered canopies, at the same time protecting the sand against dirt and rain. Plastic sandboxes are also available with additional equipment such as a table with an umbrella and a bench.

Cheap sand toys

The most recognized and popular sandbox toys: spatula and bucket, they can keep you busy for hours. The main element, what contributes to the great fun of the little ones is sand. You can move it for hours from place to place and best of all, it never gets boring. You can build grandmothers with the help of a bucket, castle, move the sand from one place to another and the shovel and rakes will be used especially for digging ditches and tunnels. The hands of a child can also perfectly replace them. But, if we don't want to scrub our toddler after coming from the sandbox, better buy him a sand kit.

Sandbox toys are cheap. Of course, it's best to choose those well-known companies, tested and approved for use by the little ones 3-4 summer children. Today you hear a lot about harmful materials, from which the toys were made, better ,so check the stamps on the packages and read the descriptions to be sure. Manufacturers of children's sand toys, show imagination. Apart from the typical well-known sand molds, buckets, shoulder blades, There are many other very inventive cars that are worth recommending.

Parents may be surprised how many sandbox accessories are on the market today. Lots of interesting gadgets for children among them, giving more possibilities and the opportunity to invent new games with sand. One of them is the mole dustpan. It has a specific shape and a comfortable grip. It allows you to dig holes without using your hands and is more comfortable than with a traditional spatula, and certainly more interesting. Advanced toddlers can have fun with sand drills. The expenditure is small and you can drill ditches with water and tunnels with such a device.

Various molds for making so-called cupcakes are cheap and quick to use. And the big molds are a real hit, from which, when turned, a finished sand castle or tower is created. Moreover, you can use them, as buckets for carrying water, etc.. Water is sometimes needed in the sandbox as a joint for sand structures, but it can also be used for other purposes, not only construction. Water park in the sandbox- is a proposal for larger children to play creatively. With bridges, by boats, excavator, figurines. If you want your children to spend a lot of time outdoors and hide their toys, it may be worth investing in a sandbox with a house.