Table saws for amateurs and professionals

sawstable saw.
All table saws are used for working with wood, wood products and other materials. However, more or less sophisticated models are also observed in this group of devices. The universal table saw is successfully used in the workshop and on the construction site. The machines are equipped in accordance with the latest safety requirements. They have a table extension, closed body, a transverse pressure strip and the possibility of fixing it to the ground.

A saw for professionals
At first glance, it looks as if it is one whole, but it is in fact assembled from two parts. It is equipped with a sliding slide, a cross table and, of course, I saw. The whole thing makes a solid impression, because the machine part is seated on a suitable body. Without it, the saw is barely 370 mm in height, while with the frame, the height of the machine is 890 mm. So when dismantled, the saw can be easily transported, and after joining with the body, a stable and precise workshop saw is created, which can be supplemented with table elements.

Multi-purpose saw.
Woodworking machines with versatile use belong to the so-called. top shelf among stationary workshop saws. They can not only perfectly cut the bevels, angles or cut edges, they have completely different functions. Depending on the model, the combination machines are equipped with several motors, that drive different teams. Most often it is a milling machine, planer planer, or a deep hole drill. In this way, one machine can be placed in a relatively small room, replacing the work of several devices, which would take up more space and require more money. Depending on the version, it is called a four-, five-, and even seven-function. However, it is necessary to carefully check how individual units were equipped by the manufacturer. Sometimes a grinder is also part of a combination machine. The simplest machine tools have an extended range of operation only by separating the blower and format sawing and the division into the function of preliminary and final planing. In this slightly artificial way, the number of functions in the machine tool is increased. Multi-functional machine tools are correspondingly more expensive, although there are price differences.

Tipper saw.
A circular saw with a tipper is a specialist machine. It is used primarily for sawing firewood. If necessary, it can also be used to trim formwork boards or large beams. A distinctive feature is a powerful shield (diameter approx 700 mm) and a large tipper. Roughly cut trunks are placed on the tipper in this way, that a length of the selected cut length protrudes from the side of the blade. After lifting the tipper, the trunk is fed to the rotating disc. The cut wood falls off the side of the machine. The special feature of the saw is its stable construction. The machine can be transported to the desired location.

Saw for construction.
Solid and durable- here are the features, which a table saw must have at the construction site. You know, that it is not intended for precise and super accurate work, but for cutting boards, beams and wedges. Large slabs covered with mortar remnants with nails hidden somewhere are not an obstacle for it, similar to untreated square timbers. The aesthetic appearance is of secondary importance here.