work in the garden

Working in the garden cannot be limited to digging through flower beds, sowing and planting, fertilizing developing plants and harvesting the crop. These steps are necessary, but they are certainly not enough. Garden as a usable and living space, as a place for spending free time and relaxing, as an important source of products for the kitchen and home, it constantly requires a fresh perspective, different approach and creative shaping. It's not always easy to start with, it takes a long time to learn and observe. Every year is different, you have to try out new varieties of vegetables, the newly established orchard requires special care, flowers from other continents need time to settle in our area. Additionally, Professional knowledge alone is not enough to meet the requirements of the art of gardening, a sense of beauty and harmony in nature is also necessary. Work in the home garden requires subordinating various care works in crops under cover and in the ground to one overarching concept, it also requires the selection of appropriate auxiliaries. Such factors must be taken into account, like the influence of the surrounding environment, average annual rainfall, height above sea level, light intensity, type of soil, location in a given town - and many more.
The personal preferences of a lover of the art of gardening require not only to spend many hours working in the garden, but also understanding life processes in nature. To understand them, you need to constantly deepen your knowledge of the basics of biology, botany, ecology, the history of horticulture and know the origin of many plants, especially those from the Mediterranean basin. We will then visualize it, that a lot of plants known to us, like an onion or a rose, it is closely related to the history of mankind and that the garden was often a place, in which important matters were played out and settled