Pressing the carpet down

interpretationWhen laying carpet floor coverings, cutting them in the corners of the walls or on the stairs will be facilitated by a wide stone cutter.. Before using a hammer, press the carpet in the corner in this way, that it breaks down, along which we cut it very carefully with the appropriate knife. However, bending the floor covering by tapping it with a cutter may not damage it. By using another, we choose a similar tool, which has a blunt blade.

Carpet repair

A cigarette burned out carpet should be repaired as follows. First of all, with scissors or a knife, we cut out all the burnt fibers. A little synthetic glue should be applied to the resulting recess, and then glue a few individual carpet fibers taken from the edge of the carpet in the least visible place. The individual fibers are glued tightly next to each other using tweezers, and then we trim evenly, with sharp small scissors.

Hinge repair

In the door of furniture made of panels, concealed hinges, those of the older type that are not screwed down, are very often broken.. They easily crack and chip off pieces of the board near the holes under them. We can still save such a door. We just need to remove the loose remnants of the board, and then glue the hinge with two-component glue. Before that, you also need to fill in all the cavities around the hinge boxes and the two pins.

Sticking the plate together

The individual parts of the glued plate move easily against each other. To avoid this, after the glue has set lightly, Carefully move the plate and place it vertically in the extended drawer. Then we slightly close the drawer like this, to press the plate against both the edge of the piece of furniture and the front of the drawer. Leave the plate in this position until the glue binds completely. The sticky small pieces should be in the upper part of the plate pressed against the drawer.

Painting with the Euromal kit

Painting with the Euromal toolkit gives excellent results. They are brushes with very dense and very short bristles, thoroughly distributing acrylic and emulsion paints, as well as others based on solvents. The brushes of such a set of various shapes are intended for painting surfaces of various shapes. The downside to this kit is this, that they need to be washed very carefully after work, which takes a lot of time.

Perpendicular sides of the slab to be cut

table sawTo get exactly perpendicular sides of the board to be trimmed on a table saw, a suitable plate device must be used. In it, the side of the plate is moved to the front stop bar. The tool itself slides with the lower strip in the groove of the saw table. However, it is necessary to very carefully and precisely fix the stop bar perpendicular to the guide bar screwed to the bottom of the device. Here we have to use a long carpentry square.

Equipment leveling

fridgeSuch household appliances as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers etc.. require precise leveling by adjusting the feet, on which they stand on the ground. Ordinary, a larger bearing ball can be a good level indicator. We put it on top of the device. When it stands still, the device is level. if not – this will roll on a flat surface towards the lower corner.


Polishing is one of the most difficult methods of decorative surface finishing. The polishes are applied with sheep wool pads. To properly fill all pores of the wood, it is necessary to apply the polish with eighth movements of a tampon in the first period of varnishing. Only after filling them, the movements can be changed to angular or parallel. During the first phase of varnishing, the surface is sprinkled with pumice or brick dust.