Redevelopment of the apartment

appartment planWe intend to renovate our 70-meter apartment soon. We want to adapt them to our needs. We had a medium room for the daughter (12 lat). Please give us a hint, how to arrange a larger bathroom from the rest, bedroom and living room, to make the apartment more functional. We attach a plan of our apartment with marked load-bearing walls.

It follows from the assumptions presented, that you can only get something at the expense of reducing the kitchen and / or hall, but too bold changes in the division of the space make it difficult to arrange load-bearing walls. So we propose: Enlarge the living room by the space currently occupied by a recessed wardrobe and it will then be narrowed to the remaining rooms. However, if the door to the living room (preferably glazed, wide and double) we will move in front of the entrance from the staircase, we will be able to maneuver when carrying or taking out large equipment, and we will optically eliminate the impression of tightness. The front wall of the bathroom (the one with the width 70 cm) can be moved quite far down the hall, put a door in it, and connect it with the corner of the toilet with a slanted partition wall. At the same time, the longer bedroom wall can be moved to the edge of the kitchen window, provided that a slanting corner is made from the side of the hall.