Fruit picking device

Fruit picking device.

In order to pick fruit, it is not uncommon to shake the tree or climb it. Neither of these methods is recommendable. So let's make a simple instrument, with which you can pick apples, pears and plums quickly and efficiently.

They are needed to make the instrument: long stick 1 (preferably folded like a fishing rod), pieces of wire approx. 4 i ok. 0,5 mm and a large can 2 (np. after the juice). You can also sew from fabric, or make it out of stockings, Long Sleeve 3, which is sewn onto the wire loop 4, fastened to the end of the stick with a thin wire yes, like a can handle 5 and a specially formed loop 6, which the fruit is torn off the twigs. The last loop is made of thicker wire, bending a narrow lug in the middle of its circumference. The diameter of the loop should be greater than the diameter of the largest apple. After proper bending, the two free ends are attached to the stick with a thin wire.

Now you can pick fruit: he puts a circle on a hanging fruit and sharply pulls the stick towards him. The petiole of the fruit goes to the ear and tears away from the branch. The picked fruit does not fall to the ground, it only stays in a can or from a sleeve goes straight to your hand.