Desk for fax and telephone

telephone lockerWhat to do with purses and keys, as well as with sticky notes and pencils, needed during telephone calls? It is best to hide them in a metal cabinet, in the hall. You can also put on it a telephone and fax. We propose to make a special furniture-desktop. Its surface will serve as a notebook and telephone shelf, we will place the fax on a metal cabinet (aluminum, silver). Telephone books can be hidden in drawers. The desktop is made of thick MDF board 19 mm. It consists of two side walls, from the rear wall, from the top plate and from the worktop. From behind, from the side of the wall, we glued two additional strips of MDF board, so that the desktop connects to the wall from the skirting board. You can hide a telephone cable in the space created.
The inclination of the desktop is obtained by appropriately trimming its elements. The top edge of the back wall of the desktop has been trimmed at an angle 75 degrees (an angled table saw blade 15 degrees). We connect the side elements to the back wall with the joining plates, glue the top plate to the top edges. We glue the desktop top on top.

Rear wall with two spacers, in which we cut the passage for cables with a hole saw. Grind visible edges.
We adjust the back and side walls and mill the cuts for the joints on the joining plates. Between them we will put a cabinet.
Glue the top plate to the edge of the rear wall and side walls, fastening it with clamps. We glue the desktop top to it.