Kitchen renovation

For the residents, the most important thing was to create a wide and easy access to a small kitchen and a functional and optimal connection of both rooms. Therefore, the opposite side of the partition wall has been arranged in a different way: from the kitchen side there is a tall fridge with freezer compartment, while on the other side of the wall (already in the dining room) there is a free-standing glass cabinet, higher than other kitchen furniture. It matches the color and style of furnishing the dining room.

During the modernization works, all kitchen cabinets were renovated, keeping only the old spatial layout and the existing functional division for cooking, washing up, preparation of meals and storage of kitchen equipment. Significant changes were made mainly to the equipment and finishing details. After renovation, the kitchen gained a modern look, ensuring greater comfort of use.

Before the renovation, the kitchen had white cabinets covered with a wooden worktop. After modernization, the furniture got a new look: new door made of corrugated oak wood, gray worktop with a decorative edge and many elements made of stainless steel. The latter material is especially dominant in the area of ​​the kitchen stove. Stainless steel covers and plates surround not only the kitchen stove, but even adorn the wall above the ceramic tiles. The old stainless steel cooker hood fits perfectly into the new environment, who is now experiencing his second youth. Also, new electrical equipment has a housing made of this material. The drawer housing is made of stainless steel, legs under the cabinets, handles and plinth. Another interesting solution was used in the case of the plinth: the cabinets were not placed directly on the floor as usual, but on a special structure of wood. The supporting plinth has been shifted by 20 cm in relation to the front of the cabinets. This way, you can stand right next to the cabinet (this is especially important when working in the kitchen for a long time) and there is enough space to mount the round bolsters.

The solution presented here, consisting of a plinth frame and metal legs, makes, that the cabinets look neat and more elegant than in the case of a front plinth, and besides, it makes working on the kitchen counter much easier. The fact is also important, that in this way ordinary kitchen cabinets were given an appearance similar to that of the adjoining dining room.