Various solutions for kitchen fittings

A dishwasher or washing machine connected to the kitchen fixtures should be – after finishing work- disconnected without pressure. Some of the modern kitchen faucets are fitted with a shut-off system. The shut-off function is performed by the ring on the battery body. It can also be installed on older models of this company.

Only cold water is needed for many kitchen tasks. If the handle is in the middle position, hot water comes out of the tap, and mechanically this setting is used most often, wasting precious energy. A battery is a sensible solution, cold water flows out of it, if the lever is in the middle position. The water heats up only as the handle is moved to the left.

The Clear Tap single lever mixer supplies clean water, if it is switched to the filter function. Efficiency: 2,81 clean water per minute. The filter captures heavy metals and colloidal suspension with a diameter of up to 0,5 micrometers, deletes to 99% lead content, 98,9% chlorine and microorganisms. Usually the filter should be replaced after 1000 l , while the accessories are replaced after 3-5 years.

If the sink is by the window, then the battery is the practical solution, which can be removed or tilted, so that the sash can be opened wide. One of such solutions is offered by the Kludi company: the battery should only be lifted slightly and placed to the side. To restart, insert it into the console and turn it slightly anti-clockwise. Another variant is the Blanco tilt mixer, which works in any position.

Single-lever mixer with a spout, mounted on a flexible hose, makes it easier to fill large vessels outside the sink area. Additionally, it is possible to regulate the water stream, as needed, np. a shower function is useful for rinsing lettuce, and for washing – streaming function. The Hansa company offers a faucet equipped with a two-stage water saving system.

Through an additional connection in the battery, water saturated with C02 is supplied. The insert is mounted under the hob or in a cabinet, under the sink. Just unscrew the tap in the retractable handle, let sparkling water flow from the tap. Fine mesh, located in the tap captures any dirt particles, that can be in the water supply network. The C02 water saturation function can be achieved by installing.

Jedna z firm oferuje dość oryginalną armaturę, useful, however, in everyday life: just press a button, that the boiling water needed to brew coffee or pour over instant soup to flow immediately. On the other hand, another model with an installed filter supplies very chilled water on demand. Both models can be combined – the necessary equipment is located in the cupboard under the sink.

Who cares about aesthetic and fully functional fittings, can order a specific battery model with a matching additional tap, dishwashing liquid. The detergent tank is located in the cupboard under the sink. This way you can remove the dish with washing-up liquid from the kitchen, which often leaves traces on the surface.