Walls and furniture in harmony with colors

room 3 the colorsWhen carrying out renovation works, it is worth having a uniform color concept for walls and furniture. The mood can be modulated to a great extent with the help of the bar. See for yourself.
Walls and furniture in harmony with colors. Here are three examples of a colorful combination of walls and furniture without being uniform. Same room and same items, create a different mood each time. The same concept was used in all three examples: the front wall of the room was painted light green, light yellow and light gray. In the middle of the wall, an area of ​​the size of the painting is distinguished , which was painted a darker color. In turn, furniture and a skirting board have an even more intense color. In this way, operating with one color of different saturation, monotony can be avoided.

Color-matched furniture and the wall are more visible, when the other walls are painted white or kept in the same color shade. In this way, it is possible to give each room an atmosphere appropriate to its purpose.