Protection of wood and walls

img20PROTECTION FOR WOOD AND WALLS. Due to economic intentions, moving towards mass impregnation of wood and the dissemination of the use of fungicides and protecting wood and walls, the production of these agents has great development prospects. The production of impregnants from waste materials has special prospects. The ITB is currently investigating these measures in detail. These measures, both currently being put into production, as well as previously produced, will receive Temporary Technical Approvals), which will guarantee the appropriate and steel, their quality does not change. For example, they can be mentioned: ;,Tetrol”, produced from post-phenol waste, suitable only for protection and not used for fungus removal; „Tetrolit”, also produced from waste materials, used to remove mold and mildew fungus from demolition bricks; „Murolit”, produced on tannery waste, used to remove fungus from bricks by adding the concentrate diluted to the working consistency to the mixing water (mortar); „Anolit”, produced similarly to "Murolit”, used for cleaning wood, finally "Walbar”, produced from phenol, consuming great fungicidal power.