Fashion tricks with clothes, that everyone needs to know! Do it yourself

Fashion tricks with clothes, that everyone needs to know! Do it yourself.

Amazing ideas for clothes and tricks, which you will love. You are looking for a completely new idea and a way to improve your wardrobe? These two things go hand in hand, and today I have the best recycled film for you. I'm going to show you some fun ways to wear old clothes and transform them into new ones, fashionable, stylish clothes, that will give you shine. If you accidentally ripped your pants and can't sew them back together, try to put them on as a blouse. It will look great with a Maxi skirt. We all know, how torn jeans were in fashion 2019 i 2020 year. But I'll show you a new way to cut them and decorate your craft pearls, that will make them look ten times better. For those of you, who want to develop their skills related to recycling and craftsmanship, they can use a paint roller and fabric paint, to decorate your clothes. Or you can try a clever trick, which will turn an exceptionally long shirt into a cute dress. Timestamps:

0:55 – An alternative way to wear a skirt
2:00- Short skirt? Try this trick
3:32 – Bleached shirt decoration
5:13 – How to decorate jeans
7:58 – A new design for your jeans
9:45 – Geometric pattern of jeans

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