The lawn is a very valuable and decorative element of the garden; is a perfect backdrop for roses, flowering perennials and shrubs, has a calming effect on eyesight and makes, that the garden seems bigger. As a natural complement to the resting place, the lawn should be adapted to play, doing sports and sunbathing. It is put on in the spring, but the soil has to be digged in the fall of the previous year. At the turn of March and April, it is loosened again shallow and the surface is perfectly leveled by careful raking and light treading.. Grass seeds are sown in April and May. Early fall is also a good time to start your lawn. In spring it is good to sow the plants for green manure and dig them in in June. The grass sowing then takes place at the end of August or September. Grasses are as demanding as ornamental plants and grow best in fertile, properly fertilized soil. If the soil is firm, sand may be added. After mixing these materials with the soil and leveling the ground, it is worth waiting about three weeks, until all the perennial weeds have sprouted and the seeds of the annuals have germinated, which can be thoroughly weeded.