Decorative grass – the charm of modern arrangements

Decorative grass – the charm of modern arrangements.

Winter is the time, in which most plants die. In Poland, to diversify the spaces, a large number of conifers are introduced, colloquially called conifers, which are to add greenery in the fall and winter. This is, unfortunately, a big mistake, especially, that many other deciduous plants – also evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses or ornamental plants from shoots or bark, it introduces much more charm to the surroundings, than uniform, uniform and uniform compositions of conifers every year. Conifers, as well as other plants – turn brown from frost or fungus, they die off and thin out, what causes, that they become unattractive.

In modern and not only in modern, but also stylish, Mediterranean and coastal areas, Italian and rural gardens, we propose the use of various varieties of ornamental grasses. They look charming, delicately and effectively, even when winter comes.

We recommend several species, which are unique in every way, including:
– pen case (rozplennica) Japanese in different varieties
– pink hair grass
– love turned out
– a very thin stipple
– wełnianka pochwowata
– hakenochlea in varieties
– miscanthus in varieties
– imperata cylindrical
– sedge in varieties