Poisonous properties of preparations

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the price of the preparations plays an important role. Preparations should be cheap, which can be achieved most effectively by using waste materials in their production. When discussing wood preservation measures, and fungicides, the issue of poisonous properties of preparations should be emphasized. This moment is of great importance when choosing the appropriate impregnation depending on the object, which is to be fumigated or protected against fungus. It is about selection (residential buildings, non-residential, food warehouses, cereals etc.). For example. preparations based on dinitrophenol have been completely excluded from residential construction due to their poisonous effect on higher organisms. They can only be used; in the case of lack of proper preparation, in combination, however, with other measures. The toxicity of some safeners and fungicides requires precautionary measures to be taken by impregnating or fumigating personnel and strict adherence to personal hygiene. (hand washing, eye protection, face, etc.). Many agents considered to be exceptionally good impregnations have the properties of food poisons, when using which requires frequent use of hand soap, especially before eating, avoiding splashing when impregnating, wearing protective clothing, frequent washing of workwear, Avoid inhaling vapors of impregnation agents by facing the direction of the wind etc..