Initial garden arrangements

What gives, and what the environment requires

Although the garden can be arranged according to your preferences, worth knowing, that following the basic rules will protect us from disappointment and unnecessary expenses.

The nature of the designed backyard garden should be adapted not only to the already standing residential building, but also to the surroundings. Otherwise it will look like in the open, differently among compact buildings. In this case, it is important not only to create paths around the house, but also between your own home and other buildings, respecting the provisions of neighborhood law (Pelka 1980). Before starting to set up a garden, you should thoroughly know the condition and properties of the area intended for this purpose, paying attention primarily to: its location in relation to the directions of the world, slope of the land allowing the construction of a basement.

These preliminary findings will allow us to: determining the possibility of establishing slopes, designation of a place for walls and stairs, the location of the terrace or pergola.

Particular attention should be paid to: the need for land drainage, possibility of installing a hydrant, connection to the electricity network.

After such a preliminary analysis, we can outline the overall plan of the garden. When setting up a larger garden, it is worth using the help of a green area architect before starting the construction of the house. Some activities can also be outsourced to various specialized companies.

In this case, we very often overestimate our own capabilities or that of family members. In the future, there will often be an opportunity to personally participate in various works in our garden, so in this case, let's give priority to specialists.

The garden is a kind of "little landscape". And whether it will be a flower garden, vegetable or fruit, we should always strive for a defined goal - harmonious cooperation with nature.

Horticulture is the most intensive form of managing arable lands. Thanks to human knowledge and skills, extensively used areas are transformed into areas with a high level of agricultural culture and production. You know, that one of the most important external factors influencing plant development is the climate. In large areas, it is difficult to protect against unfavorable climatic influences, but in a small area to create covers, np. in the form of hedges, protects the crops from the wind, and thus excessive evaporation and temperature fluctuations. In this way, we can achieve the desired microclimate in our garden.

A gardener's primary task should be to carefully compost all household and garden waste, the use of green fertilizers and other organic fertilizers, selection of plants for environmental conditions and the use of biodynamic preparations transforming the natural type of soil into fertile garden soil.