Choice of door

When choosing interior doors, their function is taken into account, quality and external appearance. Very stable, but solid wood doors are relatively heavy and expensive, made of solid chipboard or classic frame doors with chipboard or wood filling. Real wood veneer or other veneer doors are cheaper. The most commonly used doors are classic filling, the so-called. "honeycomb". The obligatory standard in housing construction is the door with stabilizing filling, most often it is the already mentioned "honeycomb".

Exterior appearance of the door leaf: doors are most often painted or covered with veneer, possibly with a noble wood veneer. Apart from differently shaped surfaces and colors, the buyer can choose from several types of noble wood veneers. Beech veneer is still fashionable, maple and ash. As for the door leaf profile, the classic rounding is slowly returning to favors, which have long been used in the furniture industry. They fit any type of interior – unlike stylish doors.