do it yourself – wooden sandbox

do it yourself – wooden sandbox.

The construction of a full-fledged children's playground begins with a sandbox, consisting of many elements (slide, swing, cottage), which will be added as the child grows up.

According to the parents, the sandbox is …

3D pen

3D pen – do it yourself

Amazing things, which can be done with 3D pens. A 3D pen is such a cool tool, with which you can create all kinds of things. With the 3D pen, you can not only solve annoying little everyday problems …

Economical home appliances

Economical home appliances. Ecological devices are becoming more and more popular.

When buying a new washing machine, fridge or dishwasher, more and more often we choose ecological models. Here are some criteria to make your purchase easier.

Electricity consumption is the most important criterion for the ecological properties of household appliances. There is every way of generating energy …