Flowers on sunny balconies

pelargonium balconySunlit balconies are most often planted with geraniums and petunias and their hanging varieties – surfiniami. They come in many varieties, with different colors and shapes of flowers and leaves. The plants are compact and bushy (pelargonia, petunie) świetnie nadają się do obsadzania skrzynek i doniczek

Flowers on the balcony

balcony flowersThe time has come to arrange flower gardens on our balconies. if we want, in order for plants to grow beautifully and healthily, we should care for them properly. They should also be properly selected: others for a sunny balcony, and others – on zacieniony.

Before we buy the plants, postarajmy się

Oranges, lemons

citrusCitrus plants can be easily grown from seeds removed from the pulp. You just need to put the seeds into a flat dish filled with poor, a damp substrate and after covering with foil or glass, put them aside in a slightly shaded place at room temperature. Okres kiełkowania wynosi

Growing exotic fruit

When the shoots reach a height of several centimeters, they should be hardened, gradually removing the cover from them, so that they can get used to the air in the room. Because in this phase of growth, they draw moisture from the ground through their roots, not from the air, jego wysoka wilgotność

Exotic FRUIT

Instead of cherries and strawberries, you can treat yourself to manga in winter, papaya and passion fruit. The seeds found in these fruits can produce attractive plants.

Do założenia uprawy nowych roślin potrzebne są parapet z wystarczającą ilością miejsca na niewielkie doniczki oraz gotowość